Addressing digital transformation in a modular and flexible way is key for Agents to achieve quick win results.

Digital transformation is needed more than ever in today's world. Yet Agents often wonder where to start, and face challenges juggling with different stakeholders, legacy systems, and integration. Change is good, yet we understand a step by step approach based on exact goals and KPIs is what Agents are looking for. The modularity and flexibility of the SaveMoney platform allows catering to this exact need, giving Agents a solution that can be used in parts or in full, for big changes, or for simple process improvements.


Product configuration, testing and launch takes up to 9 months
Difficulty opening new distribution channels
Rigid legacy systems causing difficult integration with front/back end systems
Claims processes and handling are manual and primitive


Complex products are built, configured and tested in a few hours only without code
Enable digital distribution with modern tools and through 500+ APIs
Comprehensive insurance APIs allowing to integrate all portals & systems
Full fledged and automated policy and claims admin system


Product builder, distributions, policy admin and claims management for group health insurance

Product builder, distributions, policy admin and claims management for P&C insurance

Digital & Omni-channel distribution for non-life insurance