SaveMoney for P&C

Digitalize your non-life insurance


SaveMoney Insurtech is the first end to end, fully configurable, modular, low-code platform, allowing the digitization and enhancement of any insurance processes to grow your business and improve both customer and staff experience alike.

Build & launch products faster

Digital insurance product builder and underwriting engine handling any level of complexity.

Enable omnichannel distribution

Portals & microsites for instant quoting, comparison, e-application, claims, and more.

Digital policy & claims management

Fully configurable admin platform to manage and automate your business.

APIs for seamless integration

Insurance APIs covering any processes, products, legacy, or third party system integration.

A digital first user experience
A customizable, user friendly agent workplace

Overview of the quote and policy process

Overview of tasks and assignments

A comprehensive 360-client view

End-to-end Policy management

Readily available reports with the possibility to include third-party data.

A digital first user experience
End-to-end support for your claims team

From FNOL to Claims liquidation

Activity management and assignment

Native PAS integration

Operational reports

A digital first user experience
Easy configuration of new products and management of changes

User-friendly tools for non-IT personnel

Wizard supported configuration of new products

Easy change of user forms

Easily configurable rules and process workflow

A digital first user experience
Smooth management of financial obligations

Payments and invoicing

Accounting journal posting

Automated and manual billing

Direct debit management

Reminder notices

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Frequently asked questions

A concise overview of the most frequently asked questions about SaveMoney solution for non-life insurance lines.
SaveMoney is an end-to-end solution that supports your business and IT teams through the insurance value chain, from product design and configuration to reinsurance. SaveMoney provides several business modules and tools covering all the value chain: Sales, Policiy management, Claims, Accounting, Billing & Collection, Reinsurance, Parties, Organisation, Recoveries, Commissions Coinsurance, Agent portal and predefined reporting. The operations teams will appreciate SaveMoney Studio, which allows easy configuration of products and processes and management of change of existing ones.
The underwriting process can be adjusted for each line of business and even for each product separately. The UW process is easily configurable by a set of Underwriting rules that support different levels of underwriting. Underwriting can be easily automated by using business rules, workflows, and 3rd party integration. Underwriters can also assign tasks and collaborate with agents via Video chat. SaveMoney is on the mission to support underwriters to focus on high-value activities and make better, faster, and more accurate decisions.
No additional integration is necessary; SaveMoney is an integrated system in which all business modules are integrated natively. The policy, claims, and reinsurance modules know how to “talk to each other” out of the box, ie. the Claims module can obtain all the necessary data to process the claim from other sources automatically.
The SaveMoney Agent Portal provides everything a sales agent needs in one place, from workflows for applications, quotes, policies, underwriting. It even includes custom dashboards providing features such as an overview of open invoices and commissions. The portal also enables the agent to collaborate with the team or clients with co-browsing and video functionality. The “mini CRM” functionality provides a 360 client view- overview of all the offers, policies, personal and billing information, even consensus, all in one place. The SaveMoney functionality is also available over API, which provides easy integration with B2C portals and apps and other external distribution systems.
The SaveMoney platform is designed to support no-code / low code principles. Most business functionality is implemented as configurations that allow the client’s IT and external professional service providers to develop new features and manage change easily without the vendor. An essential part of the platform is SaveMoney Studio, which provides operation teams control the whole insurance product life cycle, from configuration to deployment. It also makes managing all SaveMoney configurations easy.
Out of the box, SaveMOney supports the following lines: Motor liability and Casco, Property, General Liability, Accident, Travel. Out-of-the-box support includes the premium model, support for Quote, underwriting, policy management, Claims, and predefined forms and dashboards for B2B distribution channels (for example, Agent portal and out of the box API). New products can be easily designed and configured with the help of SaveMoney Studio, leveraging the vast library of predefined configurations and Wizards that will guide you through the process.